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Bertie Borley Raises £3,000 for The Pantry on 365-Day Bike Ride Challenge

CMB Engineering Director, Bertie Borley, decided to take on a 365-day bike ride challenge throughout 2021 in an effort to raise money for The Llanrumney Hall Pantry. He went even further as the months went on and began dressing up each morning on his 20-mile cycles wearing captain America outfits, tuxedos, monkey masks and more… as if cycling up steep hills for 20 miles wasn’t hard enough!! He made the decision last month that he would be completing his yearlong challenge on December 31st with a 24-hour nonstop cycle alongside his son Rob where they will pedal into the new year.

Bertie and Rob began cycling at 8pm on the 30th and finished at 8pm on New Years Eve, covering an insane 271 miles in that period, adding to the 6,180 miles in total he did throughout the year. Bertie donated 100% of the proceeds to The Pantry over the Christmas and winter period and managed to get some last minute cash donations taking the total figure raised to a whopping £3,000. A lot of this money came in after the Christmas period so there will be an overflow in to the new year which we look forward to reinvesting into The Pantry, its members and the quality of value our members all receive each week.

On behalf of the Trust, The Pantry and all of our members, we would like to thank Bertie for taking on such a huge challenge and making The Pantry the recipient of all the generous donations. It certainly made a big difference to our Pantry Christmas Day on December 23rd and our members were able to go home with a greater variety of items because of it.

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