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Llanrumney Hall: “One of Cardiff’s hidden treasures” – The Guardian

Originally built in 1450 and rebuilt in 1852, the historically prosperous and grade I listed Elizabethan Mansion of Llanrumney Hall stands prominently off Ball Road in the lower area of Llanrumney.


After the Norman Conquest of Britain in 1066, the lands of Llanrumney were given to the Monks at Keynsham Abbey who built a small chapel where Llanrumney Hall now stands.

Legend has it that John Hodder Morridge who inhabited Llanrumney Hall from 1812-1823 came across a stone coffin that was said to contain the headless corpse of Wales’ last native Prince Llywelyn Gruffudd from 1282.


The Hall and its 700 acre estate are believed to have been passed to the Kemeys family of Cefn Mably in the mid-16th Century after the dissolution of the Monasteries by Henry VIII. Since then, Llanrumney Hall has been inhabited by many others including Privateer Captain Henry Morgan who is said to have been born in Llanrumney Hall in 1635. Five generations of the Morgan family lived at Llanrumney Hall.


The hall was rebuilt and refurbished in 1852 by G.C Williams – Llanrumney Hall’s last Lord of the Manor.


Llanrumney Hall was compulsorily purchased by the Local Authority in 1952 and became a public house in 1956. The Hall has recently fallen into a state of severe disrepair and is desperately in need of significant redevelopment into a thriving community asset whilst protecting and preserving the area's fascinating history.

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