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Community Café Reopening Date

Updated: Apr 11, 2022

We are delighted to announce the news that the Llanrumney Hall Community Trust Café will finally be reopening as Thackeray At The Hall after a prolonged period of closure.

Many of you may know The Thackeray Pub & Kitchen in Rumney who have established themselves as part of the community and have grown an amazing business and venue for local people to access. When the Café became available for occupancy in January, Thackeray’s kindly offered their support to the Trust and have since decided to take on the venture in order to get the doors of this much-loved venue reopened as soon as possible.

Karen & James Rees of The Thackeray are currently developing new menus with new tastes for all to enjoy and we are even giving the venue a small redesign to accompany its new lease of life. From a salad and sandwich bar, to a smoothie machine and freshly-baked pastries, they will be introducing some new ideas to the café to offer something for everybody.

The Café will have a soft reopening exclusively for LHCT staff, tenants and guests on Thursday 31st March followed by Thackeray At The Hall’s official opening date to the public on...

TUESDAY 12th APRIL 2022.

Karen & James commented on the news of the opening saying: "After 4 years of running Thackeray Pub & Kitchen in Rumney, we are really excited to announce we will be bringing The Thackeray to Llanrumney Hall Community Trust. We can’t wait to open to all customers, old and new, and working closely with the community. We look forward to serving you very soon.”

Finally, we would like to thank Russell Martin and all at Morgan’s Table for everything they have done for this café and the community in the past 2 and a half years. Russell took on this venture before The Hall had even opened its doors and it was a leap of faith to say the least. Morgan’s Table provided a great experience with great food and quickly became a favourite amongst local people, helping develop The Pantry, community-led groups, and our charity as a whole. We wish their team all the best going forward in their new endeavours.

We cannot wait to welcome you back on our first official day of opening and look forward to seeing all the support the community have continued to give this charity since its opening in 2019.

We will be releasing more information and news prior to the opening but until then, save the date in your diary’s and spread the word.

Thackeray’s At The Hall are also very keen to hear about what YOU want from this café. Do you have suggestions for the menu or for how best they could accommodate the needs of local people? Share your thoughts and let us know via

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Ian Hazlehurst
Ian Hazlehurst
Apr 06, 2022

I must say I'm looking forward to seeing the new setup at the café, having enjoyed the catering and ambience under the previous management. I was quite surprised that Thackerays have chosen to lose the connection with the venue's iconic and universally known Henry Morgan. A marketing professional might regard that decision as a self inflicted shot in the foot. Why not Thackerays at Morgans Table?

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