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Llanrumney Hall has several historic and beautifully decorated rooms available for hire for a range of community purposes, be it meetings, office space, educational seminars and more. Feel free to come in and visit us if you'd like to see the rooms in person.


Famous for its rich historical figures and known to be a hotspot for paranormal activity, Llanrumney Hall is available for you to investigate with your team. We regularly host paranormal investigations at The Hall with many spooky stories and accounts having been told... including photos and videos!

We're not going to give any spoilers away here though so don't worry! Get booked on now with good rates and contact us for more details.


The Kemey's Room is the largest of our rooms and was named in honour of the Kemey's family who once occupied The Hall. The Kemey's Room looks incredible when decorated and is ideal for large functions.

Our 'large function' bookings are flexible depending on your requirements. If you need more than one room, or wish to hire the entire house then this can be arranged on contact. You wont find a more beautiful, unique and affordable place to host your functions in Cardiff!


The Morgan Room is our second largest room at Llanrumney Hall and was named after Captain Henry Morgan (of Captain Morgan's Rum) who was famously born here.

This room is elegantly decorated and has been restored beautifully. It is ideal for small meetings as well as training activities and educational seminars and is regularly hired by local schools, businesses and community groups.


The Llywelyn Room was designed to commemorate Llywelyn ap Gruffydd, the last prince of Independent Wales. Rumour has it that his headless corpse was found here, in Llanrumney Hall.


This room is ideal for a range of different activities, such as training, commercial meetings, baby showers and more and instead of having the usual boring decorative office scheme, you've got historical snapshots of Privateer Henry Morgan portrayed on the walls, as well as a huge throne and a suit of armor... something slightly different to keep meeting and training attendees enagaged!


The Admiral's Quarters is given its name after Captain Morgan was awarded the title in 1667. The room boasts a great deal of space, has large open windows overlooking the front of The Hall, and has a carpeted floor. It is one of the larger rooms in the Hall and can be used for teaching sessions, training courses, office meetings, yoga classes, and more. With more robust flooring and a lot of space to work with, it is one of the more versatile rooms in the house in its usage.

Please note, availability of this room is limited due to year-round pre-bookings.