Annual Reports AGM Minutes

First AGM held on Thursday 3rd May 2018 at 5pm.

1. Steve Borley (Chair) welcomed everyone to the first LHCT AGM. No apologies had been received. 

2. The Chair’s report was provided and covered a review of Year 1 February 2016 to 2017 re-capping on the main highlights of the first year of the Charity: the actual setting up and registration of the newly founded Llanrumney Hall Community Trust: the Lease arrangements with Cardiff Council: the registration requirements: appointments of the Bank, Accountants and Solicitors and the appointments of the initial Trustees. 

Year 2 review re-capped the main events which took place between February 2017-2018 and included the appointment of a part time post holder to move the programme forward: funding applications to support the renovation programme needed to restore Llanrumney Hall: the successful Welsh Government Grant of £443,658: the appointment of Knox and Wells as the lead Contractors delivering the refurbishment programme: the recruitment of additional Board Members: establishing partnerships in the community and further afield to support the future development of Llanrumney Hall: ongoing community consultations programmes: planning for Phase 2 of the re development. 

3. A presentation by The Families Fund followed the Chairs Report and provided an overview of options for LHCT to use the collective purchasing power of this organisation for sourcing all the equipment and furnishings for Llanrumney Hall. 

4. Michael Camilleri presented the Auditors Report for HSJ Accountants Ltd: Severn House, Newport. Year 1 activities had been solely supported by Borley Engineering Services with Year 2 showing supported development and income derived from successful grants. MC confirmed that the Year 2 grant receipts had been very healthy, the refurbishment costs had been secured for 

the renovation programme and that Borley Engineering continued to support the day to day operational costs for LHCT during this initial period before the refurbished Llanrumney Hall opened and begun trading activities. There were no adverse financial aspects to report. 

MC confirmed that the full audited accounts for both Year 1 and Year 2 had been signed off and submitted to the statutory bodies. 

5. The Chair –SB recommended the re-election of the existing Board of Trustee Committee for the forthcoming year comprising :- 

Chair-Steve Borley and Trustees: - Jo Parker: Rupert Thomas: 

Joanna Borley -Parker and Helen Whitehouse. Proposed by Michael Camilleri and Seconded by Catrin Ellis. SB additionally discussed the need to recruit further Trustees, particularly at least one new recruit with a background in Accountancy and others with community development/engagement skill sets. 

6. The Chair formally thanked everyone for attending the AGM and discussed making plans for Phase 2, looking forward to a positive, brighter future for the community of Llanrumney with the opening of this excellent new community activity centre and ensuring the rich history of Llanrumney Hall is preserved for future generations to benefit from. 

Meeting closed at 6.10

Llanrumney Hall Community Trust Annual Report for January 2016-17 and January 2017-18

We are pleased to present our Trust's Annual Report for 2016 to 2017 and 2017 to 2018 for your information. To read, please download the below PDF file.