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Congratulations To House of Events!

Congratulations to one of our entrepreneurial tenants, House of Events – who were recently rewarded at the Pro Balloon Shop - UK Balloon Artist Awards, 2022.

House of Events owner, Alisha – said that to be nominated and shortlisted in the ‘Dazzling Deco’ category felt like a huge win for their small business, let alone for it to have resulted in them achieving second place for the ‘Personalised Balloons’ award during their Birmingham excursion.

Alisha describes the start-up of her business as something that happened by ‘accident’. Having always possessed a strong creative streak, just a few years back Alisha made a personalised balloon for her nephew - which saw many compliments. She soon realised there was a trending demand for this sort of celebration decoration, particularly through social media, so she began creating her balloons from home. As her sales grew, eventually she found herself requiring a bigger production space here at Llanrumney Hall. Fast forward to now, Alisha’s creativity has caught the attention of many areas in South Wales beyond Cardiff, providing her a large customer base.

Unlike many businesses who struggled to stay afloat during the pandemic, Alisha sought the pandemic as an opportunity. She believes the demand for her decorations grew due to the increase in home and garden celebrations, as people perhaps needed something tangible to make being trapped at home more ‘special’. She sees the pandemic as something that determined where she is with her fruitful business now.

Since winning the award, an opportunity has arisen for Alisha, and she will be conducting a masterclass for balloon art. Alisha is looking forward to sharing her skills, as she realises that it isn’t widely known how much expertise is required to master balloon art.

Being from a deprived area all her life, Alisha is proud to have made it this far. She has no intentions of leaving Llanrumney in the near future, as she feels it has a sense of community quite like no other. She hopes that going forward, she can give back to this community some way through her business.

Despite her small business continuously rocketing, Alisha said it was ‘still so surreal’ to have won the runners-up award amongst hundreds of other UK applicants. It is fair to say that Llanrumney Hall isn’t surprised at her recognition of success, and neither were the dozens of people congratulating her on social media.

Well earned, House of Events. We are glad to be the home of your lucrative endeavor and wish you the best for the future!

You can follow Alisha on Instagram, @house_of_events_cardiff

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