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Morgan's Table Named Top Rated Restaurant in Cardiff

We tried keeping it quiet so that your local ‘hidden jem’ remained a hidden jem but the cats out of the bag... A huge congratulations to Morgan’s Table for being the top-rated venue in Cardiff on TripAdvisor – a huge accomplishment for this community café.

When we created the TripAdvisor page for the café they were listed at #609 out of #807 venues in the city and just a little over a year later they are now at number 1 out of an amazing 924 restaurants in Cardiff.

We would like to congratulate Russell, Gareth and the whole Café team for their continued hard work and customer service. But mostly, it is thanks to the loyal and supportive customers of Llanrumney which have made this café a success and for that we are all very grateful.

You can read the full Wales Online article here now.

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