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Summer Fete 2022 Photo Gallery

Updated: Jun 22, 2022

We have put together a gallery of some photos taken from our Summer Fete at the beginning of this month. It’s amazing to see just how many people showed up for this event and came out to celebrate as a community.

A huge thank you to everyone who made the effort and helped make the event a special day to remember. We would like to take the time to thank those people and organisations now for contributing to such a successful day:

- Blue Self Storage who were our primary financial funder and supporter for the 2022 Summer Fete. They went out of their way to ask how they could help and came through once again with donations and monetary support. These contributions enabled us to provide many of the things that were available at the Fete, including the majority of the children’s prizes on the game’s stalls, much of the discounted tuck shops items, tombola gifts, bunting and decorations around the site and more. Its supporters like these which help us keep the costs down for the community when they visit us so once again thank you to Dean and the entire Blue Self Storage team of staff and clients who all pulled together to make this donation.

- Ministry of Life Education and Jiffy Griffiths (Llanrumney Hall Music Studio Resident) for organising the huge range of musical talent on the day. It was an important part of the event and certainly helped create an enjoyable atmosphere.

- All of the talented musicians who gave up their free time to come and perform at our community event. Thank you for showing up and for giving us your time – you contributed massively to the great atmosphere we had on the day.

- Thackeray At The Hall for hosting the BBQ and for making sure we were all fed on the day.

- Steve and Christine Borley who as well as contribute to this Trust on a daily basis, wanted to contribute to the fete as well and purchased many of the games prizes which made sure no child went home empty handed.

- Cardiff and Vale College and their staff who provided support with staffing on the day and hosted the very popular African Drumming and Animal Wild Show.

- All of our amazing volunteers who continue to give their time to help us and others in the community. Without these guys it would be very difficult to pull off these events, especially to make them as successful as they have been.

- For The Llanrumney Hall Pantry volunteers and members for being kind enough to change their shopping day for that one week to accommodate the Fete.

- Councillor Keith Jones who MC’d the event throughout the whole day.

- All of the local business vendors who hired stalls to come and show of their amazing range of homemade products which were supported by the community.

We hope you enjoy looking back at some of the photos and videos as a reminder of how much fun we all had!

We can’t wait to continue celebrating this event with you all year on year and we hope to have the same level of support as we did this year because it helped make a very memorable occasion for all.

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