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We now have 30 brand new tablets kindly donated to The Hall!

Today we had the privilege of accepting this donation of 30 Tablets to Llanrumney Hall. We decided to gift 25 of these away to the Lunch Club, saving the other 5 for volunteering and educational purposes at The Hall.

The Lunch Club are going to use these tablets to stay connected to one another during a time where people of a certain age may not feel comfortable leaving their home. We know it can get lonely during isolation, especially for the older community and so we hope these tablets bring them joy, social time and provide an opportunity to learn the new technology.

A special thank you to Integrated Health and Social Care Partnership for the kind and generous donation, CMB Engineering for taking the time and effort to set the tablets up and deliver them to The Hall, and Jo Davies for making it all happen. We know it will make a great difference to people and we look forward to seeing them reap the benefits.

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