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Morgan’s Table Wins 2021 TripAdvisor Travelers’ Choice Award

Morgan’s Table Café’s Great Restaurant Reviews Earn it a Place Among Travelers’ Favorites in Cardiff

Llanrumney Hall Community Trust are pleased to announce that Morgan’s Table has been recognised as a 2021 Travelers’ Choice award winner on TripAdvisor. This achievement celebrates businesses that consistently deliver fantastic experiences to visitors around the globe, having earned great traveler reviews on TripAdvisor over the last 12 months. As challenging as the past year was, Morgan’s Table still managed to stand out by continuously delighting their loyal customers and going above and beyond.

In what has been an unpredictable and challenging year for all, particularly within the hospitality industry, we are thankful that the Café weathered the Coronavirus storm and adapted their business to ensure their survival every step of the way.

We saw Morgan’s Table rapidly introduce takeaway and delivery services within just a couple days of the lockdown measures being announced in March 2020. They then revised and redesigned all their menus so that locals could get their favorites dishes each day at affordable rates. Then came the free food delivery announcement for people in Llanrumney as well as a heavily discounted food package with free delivery for the elderly and vulnerable in the area. The Café even offered free meals to families who were struggling during the height of the pandemic and ensured their anonymity when contacting the Café.

Morgan’s Table owner, Russell Martin, commented on the news saying: “Winning the award after such a tough year has made it all worthwhile, we had to change the operation of the business during the pandemic to suit customers’ needs by offering delivery service. I am truly thankful to all the loyal customers for supporting us throughout these difficult times.

It is also so nice to see people back in the restaurant enjoying themselves again. I would not have been able to achieve any of this without the fantastic team of staff we have at Morgan’s Table so thank you for staying focused and positive and helping to deliver a great experience for our customers - long may it continue.”

Morgan’s Table TripAdvisor page has been off to a fantastic start in the last 18 months and has seen overwhelmingly positive reviews from the community. I mean, we would expect nothing less from such a close-knit and loyal community of customers, however it is still greatly appreciated to see it. This award highlights Morgan’s Table as being in the Top 10% of best reviewed restaurants and Café’s worldwide and it also places them at #60 of the over 900 restaurants in Cardiff.

Your continued support and positive reviews help our little Café thrive and survive so please keep it up and remember to give us a review on your next meal or coffee at the Café.

Thank you again to everyone who has supported the Trust and the Café throughout the last year and a half and we look forward to doing more and more for the community.

To see visitors reviews and to leave one of your own after your next visit to the Café, click here.

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