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National Lottery Wales has Funded us £181,000 !!

Updated: Nov 2, 2020

After many months of hard work from the Llanrumney Hall Community trust staff, in particular our Development Manager Mary Harris, we are beyond excited to announce that The National Lottery Community Fund Wales has funded us an incredible £180,815!!

This is a phenomenal amount of money which is going to transform the future of Llanrumney Hall into an ever-growing Community Facility which can better support and facilitate the needs and desires of the community.

Now you’re probably wondering what we are going to do with this £181,000…. Well, we have a detailed plan that we have been running by The National Lottery Community Fund Wales and we are so glad to finally be able to share this information with you and detail what exactly this money is going to go towards:

. An Arts, Crafts and Pottery Facility – this will provide a place for people to come by and develop on their creative skills. It will also be a place for families and friends to go for a ‘Day Out at Llanrumney Hall’.

. An Upcycling Facility – through this facility we will combine sustainability with creativity. This will aim to put the skillful and creative minds of the people of Llanrumney through upcycling unused products and materials and turn them into something useful and meaningful.

. A People in Sheds Facility – this is a well-known community service which creates a space for people to connect, converse and create. The activities are often similar to those of garden sheds, but for groups of people to enjoy together. They help reduce loneliness and isolation, but most importantly, they’re fun!

. A Community Music Recording Studio – we know there is hidden talent in Llanrumney that hasn’t yet seen the light of day and through our music recording studio, we will begin to see these local stars come forward and have a place to record and create content which could see their lives changed. It will also provide the young people of the area a space to spend their spare time and create and pursue hobbies and interests.

. 2 full-time members of staff – the fund will also support two posts at Llanrumney Hall Community Trust to enable us as an organisation to deliver a broad spectrum of activities that will benefit the whole community.

Our Development Manager, Mary Harris, who was instrumental in securing the funding for these projects said:

"Since the start of 2020, we have been focused on improving and enhancing the exterior look of Llanrumney Hall so that it is a more warm and welcoming place for passers by, local people and groups who perhaps may not yet know about the renovation of our community center.

We have planted over 300 flowers and plants and have harvested dozens more fruit and vegetables from our Gardening Club Polytunnel, all of which are recycled back into our community Café and help supply our Community Food Pantry also.

Many volunteers freely talk about the benefits of Volunteering in such a lovely setting that is developing more and more facilities for the community, visitors to the location, local businesses and users of the range of facilities developed at Llanrumney Hall.

The increasing range of activities and valued roles of Volunteers helps enormously with life-long learning, self-esteem, being valued for the remarkable contributions and positive outcomes each Volunteer provides in support of the Charity, its aims, and objectives. Peoples well-being becomes enhanced because they do a wonderful job and are recognised for their skills and commitment.

Llanrumney Hall Community Trust hopes that as the Charity develops and grows Volunteers will be able to move into routes of part-time and full-time employment. CV’s become really enhanced when Volunteering outcomes form part of individuals reviews of their skills, outputs and positive outcomes.

This is going to create more opportunities and employment in the areas and provide a range of activities for all ages and backgrounds in the community. We cannot thank you enough."

– Mary Harris, Development Manager.

We want to once again extend our sincerest thanks and gratitude to The National Lottery Community Fund Wales’ for granting us this fund and allowing the Trust to continue developing its grounds, services, facilities and employment availabilities.

Photo: Members of our Pantry finding out about the National Lottery Funding and Celebrating the victory with us.

Photo: The Llanrumney Hall Community Trust Team celebrating the great news in front of The Hall.

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