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September 19th: Ghost Hunt at Llanrumney Hall

Updated: Feb 6, 2023

K & M paranormal are holding a paranormal ghost hunt at The Hall on September 19th 2020.

Made up of a team of investigators, Mediums and Tarot readers, the K&M team are experienced in the paranormal world and are looking forward to seeing what they can find at the historic and possibly haunted Llanrumney Hall.

The event will be from 8pm-1:45am and is just £30.

Having held many ghost hunts at The Hall before, we have had a lot of positive feedback on sightings, stories and paranormal experiences so if you're in for a night of fear, fun and adventure, contact K&M Paranormal on the details below:

Mobile: 07951 901998

Click here to buy tickets.

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