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We Are Looking For New Trustees

Updated: Jun 15, 2023

Charity Name: Llanrumney Hall Community Trust

Charity Number: 1165169

Brief description of what our charity does:

Llanrumney is based in the East of Cardiff and is listed as one of the highest areas of deprivation in Wales. We were established in 2016 and made a commitment to provide a life changing community hub of excellence through the regeneration of Llanrumney Hall - whose history dates back to 1452.

Since our doors official opened in the Summer of 2019, we have transformed Llanrumney Hall and continue to make it beneficial for the immediate and surrounding communities and to develop interest and support from across Wales and beyond because of its notable historical importance.

In the last few years, we have regenerated the landscape and provisions of Llanrumney Hall and are now home to a daycare creche, a music recording studio, a pottery facility, a gardening polytunnel, a community café, a community food facility, a health and wellbeing roundhouse and 11 tenants operating small local businesses from our main building.

We have ran initiatives which have enabled us to support those fleeing Ukraine, distribute free sanitary items to local girls and women, giveaway free prom dresses and baby clothes to those who may not be able to afford them, offer free educational courses to help people develop their CV’s for employability purposes, host fully funded afternoon tea sessions for new mothers and the elderly community to help bring people together when coming out of lockdown and so much more. We pride ourselves on offering a variety of services and resources which aim to support all ages and demographics of our community.

Our mission is to help Llanrumney help itself out of poverty.

How often does our board meet?

We meet in Cardiff, Wales 5 times per year. Limited additional meetings may be required from time to time.

Closing date:


How should you apply to become a trustee?

Please email your responses to the questions below to Llanrumney Hall Founder and Chair, Steve Borley and Manager, Kath Hinton.

1. Can you tell us about yourself and why you are interested in Llanrumney Hall Community Trust?

2. What do you know about us?

3. What experience do you have that could benefit and support our mission-detailed above?

4. Do you have any fundraising experience?

5. What connections or contacts do you have that may be beneficial in supporting or enhancing our work?

6. How much time will you be able to contribute?

7. Are there any other resources you could contribute?

8. What qualities do you believe make a great Board member?

9. What personal qualities can you bring to the Board?

10. What experience do you have that will be of value to our organisation?

11. What would you expect from the organisation?

12. Are there any factors in your life that might limit your ability to attend the Board of Trustees 5 meetings each year?

13. We annually review the work of our Board. Would you have any concerns with regards to this activity?

14. What motivates you as an individual?

15. What added value do you think you add to the board?

Thank you for your interest in becoming one of our Trustees of Llanrumney Hall Community Trust.

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