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A48 Theatre Company: The Llanrumney Hall Murders

Updated: Aug 11, 2021

The A48 Theatre Company will be bringing a live theatrical performance to Llanrumney Hall on Wednesday 15th September for you to attend. Tickets are now available to purchase for just £10pp and can be secured through the A48 Theatre Company here. Read the Theatre Company's summary below:

"The true and shocking story of a violent and horrific murder, committed near The Hall almost 150 years ago. In a collaboration with Llanrumney Hall Community Trust and with John Wake, we have taken John’s version of this story and adapted it for the stage.

You will discover the background to a terrible crime, prior to the discovery of the body of a female in a hedgerow near Ball Farm, by local farmer John Hughes in June, 1874. We will introduce you to the people involved with or linked to the murder, the Police investigation which followed and the evidence which was presented at the trial. Many questions have since been raised about that trial, the verdict and the Police investigation, but YOU can decide whether or not the GUILTY verdict was a correct and just one in this case.

This site-specific performance will provide an exciting and entertaining evening, so come along and find out more about this dramatic event which happened at the Hall and in St Mellon’s and the local people it touched. Performance: 7:30 pm on WEDNESDAY 15th SEPTEMBER, 2021. Tickets - £10; numbers are limited; bar will be open from 6:30pm onwards"

By tickets here.

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