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As many people are now having to work from home due to the global pandemic, we have created a short set of tips and techniques to working from home.

1. Wake Up at the Same Time Each Day

A common mistake to starting off your working-from-home schedule could be waking up at a different time than usual. Not only is this going to dismantle the routine you’ve been sticking to for as long as you’ve been working, but it's also likely to tire you out sooner. However tempting it might be to squeeze in an extra few hours of sleep, you’ll thank yourself later by having more time in the evening to relax, watch Netflix, and unwind.

2. Maintain a Regular Routine

​This routine starts with waking up at your usual hour, but it does not end there. Start the day off with a shower, brushing your teeth, getting changed and having breakfast. Try and take your lunch break at the same time as you would working from the office, deal with your emails at the same time as you would normally, and don’t forget the coffee and tea breaks to get you on your feet. We are a habitual species and we follow patterns for a reason – it allows us to rely on a steady and organised way of living. It also helps reduce stress. Maintaining a regular routine will help you help yourself and will stop you from wanting to procrastinate.

3. Work Your Usual Hours

This is again similar to maintaining the routine. If your body clock has to adjust to a new working schedule, then this might compromise your work. Try to be sat down at the desk for the same time each day, and to leave the desk at the same time at the end of each day. This will also enable you to keep up with your work load and not fall behind on things.

4. Take Regular Breaks

If you’re working from a small or confined space, then it can be easy to quickly get bored or become irritable. Make sure you take regular breaks, just to keep your mind active and awake. Even if this includes standing up for 5 minutes, watering the plants, or having a coffee break in the garden.

5. Go Without Your Phone

For some, this might be the most important rule. Our phones can be the single biggest distraction in our lives, and at least at work we have others around to prevent us from picking them up. Not only can your phone effect your work ethic, but it will also become a continual distraction that you will rely on to pass time and will ironically probably make time go slower. Consider downloading apps like ‘Flora’ which will grow a real-life tree if you go long enough without picking up your phone. Find incentives that work for you and stick to them!

6. Work from a Desktop Instead of a Laptop

​If you have the luxury of this option, then a desktop will encourage you to sit at a desk and work like you would at an office. Though this rule might not work for all, generally, a laptop might be too enabling to sit on the sofa with the TV in the background and this is bound to distract you.

7. Create a Workspace

Similar to the rule above, working from an organised space will help you focus and work as you usually do. You will reap the benefits of this more mentally than physically, as you are likely accustomed to sitting up straight at a desk in a chair. It will allow for a reliable routine and a work-efficient friendly environment.

Finally, stay positive, keep safe and healthy, and try your best to enjoy the time off.

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