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Health & Wellbeing Centre - Coming Soon to Llanrumney Hall

We are delighted to finally be able to announce something we have been working on for a long time now… very soon we will have a brand-new Health & Wellbeing Roundhouse on the Llanrumney Hall grounds to benefit the whole Llanrumney community.

(Pictured from Rotunda Roundhouses - an example of what LHCT's Roundhouse will look like)

The roundhouse is being funded generously by the Welsh Government and will be the next step in our ongoing efforts to transform the grounds of Llanrumney Hall and increase the number of facilities and resources on offer to the people of Cardiff East. The project aims to be complete by the end of this summer.

The roundhouse will be accessible to health and wellbeing professionals, community groups, associations and more to enable best use of this wonderful centre. Service providers from further afield who can offer a range of health and wellbeing services for the location would also be welcomed to join in the commitment to ensuring fair and equitable health and wellbeing support is provided at the location.

We want to hear from those who would be interested in using this facility either for hire or to benefit from the services that will be on offer when it opens. In order to express your interest, please email us on or call us on 029 20 001441.

You may be wondering what inspired this particular facility to come to Llanrumney Hall. Well during our conversations with the community, we collected the following information which guided our application to Welsh Government for support for our Charity to be able to provide services local people wanted. Below is an extract of some of the requests we received:

  • We spoke with people recovering from a myriad of health problems, all of whom were so hopeful that local facilities in Llanrumney may become a reality in the near future - somewhere within easy walking distance which could meet many of their needs.

  • We spoke with mothers who told us about their young children with behavioural and learning difficulties - of their struggle to take their children across town, using two buses to access support facilities and the looks and remarks from others that they often receive. This led to many parents feeling hopeless and in turn abandoning public transport because of the condemnation of others and the distress it caused them and their children.

  • We spoke with family members who desperately wanted somewhere supportive where family members with dementia could visit and benefit from - a place where the ambience was right for their support needs and somewhere to enjoy music, memory books and light and sound soothing activity ranges.

  • We spoke to people with breathing difficulties who sincerely hoped to join a Breath-Easy group and benefit from the range of support and resources that these groups can bring.

  • We spoke with local GP’s who hoped that our Charity’s endeavours to have a Health & Wellbeing Centre sited at Llanrumney Hall would come to fruition. They hoped for somewhere local for them to signpost many of their patients to, rather than continue prescribing medication which they told us could possibly be negated with other types of interventions which would be as effective, if not better, than medication alone.

  • We spoke with people who said it would be wonderful to have a podiatrist visiting each week to enable them to keep their feet healthy and in good condition.

  • Others told us how wonderful and meaningful it would be for them to be able to use the proposed Roundhouse in the evenings for the setting up of local choirs for all age groups – and, or, benefitting from the excellent acoustics a roundhouse structure provides. Something so simple, yet so amazingly valuable to people’s wellbeing.

We know that community users will have more ideas and requests for Health & Wellbeing support and we look forward to working alongside professionals and those engaged with health and wellbeing activities to bring this community facility to life. We know that it will become a well-used and much-loved asset to the community and to those who our charity strives to support.

In addition, Llanrumney Hall Community Trust is able to offer other community engagement opportunities at Llanrumney Hall, with the community learning via Cardiff and Vale College and local schools, meeting rooms available for hire, a community Café, a Childcare facility, an Arts and Crafts facility, People in Sheds facility, Upcycling facility, a Pottery facility, a Music Recording Studio, a weekly food Pantry, 2 heated Polytunnels, a Gardening Club Polytunnel and surrounding flower beds, plus a new MUGA (multi-use-games-area). This latest news is another step in the right direction for Llanrumney Hall Community Trust and its efforts in serving the local community.

We look forward to receiving Expressions of Interest within the next 8 weeks (from 8th April 2022 until 8th June 2022). Please email Mary Harris on or call us on 029 20 001441.

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