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Legacy Donation

On behalf of all at Llanrumney Hall Pantry, to say we are overwhelmed with gratitude and thanks towards a particular donation we received this month from a very generous local resident would be an understatement.

Jane Coopey of Llanrumney, who sadly passed away recently, left a Legacy Donation to us of £500 (+£125 in Gift Aid), in aim of putting food on the table of more families within the community in a time where it matters most.

Jane’s daughter, Katrina, who kindly facilitated the donation, told us: “My mother loved the idea of Llanrumney Hall as a centre for the community, she often met her friends there for a cuppa and a bacon sandwich… But most of all she wanted to support The Pantry and was planning to make a regular donation before she died. As a mother of 6 children growing up in the 1950-60s, she knew how hard it was to put food on the table, and how important such facilities are in contributing to a healthy start for families”.

It's amazing to hear that Jane was so involved with the building and its history and that one of her last wishes was to make a contribution to one of our biggest community projects, The Pantry.

We would also like to wish Katrina and her family the best wishes during their time of grief and hope that they can find comfort in remembering what a wonderful and caring lady Jane clearly was.

Thank you, Katrina, for allowing us to share this story!

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