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Pay It Forward - Llanrumney Hall Pantry Community Fund

We are excited to announce that our Aviva Community Fund has gone live!!

Llanrumney Hall Pantry is going to be a hotspot for local people to have access to affordable necessities and food, however for many people even the membership to this Pantry might not be so accessible.

That's why we have created the ‘Pay it Forward’ fund for people to donate whatever they can to a cause which is going to directly benefit the people of Llanrumney. The aim of this fund is to provide the families who are most in need with free memberships so that they can have dinner on the table each night without worry of costs.

A donation of just £5 is going to provide a week’s membership to somebody giving them access to approximately £15 worth of household items – with your help we can triple the value of your donation! And if we meet our target of £2,600, we will be able to provide a free membership to 10 families every week for an entire year.

Please help us get this fund started by clicking the link below to read more on the project and to donate to the cause. It won’t be long now before the Pantry is active and open so all donations are appreciated and will make a difference. 👇👇

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