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Tools and Material Donations for Our Community Workshop

Updated: Apr 30, 2021

In advance of opening our new lottery funded arts and crafts workshop, we are kindly asking our community for donations to build up our stock for use in the workshops.

We are looking for various items such as, broken jewellery, left over paint, old curtains, power drills, wood, ribbon, tiles and a whole lot more. This is also in keeping with our reduce, reuse and recycle ethos ♻

Please read below for our list of over 50 donations that we are looking for and contact us via Facebook or through emailing to donate.

Thank you 🙂

For the Community Workshop:

  • Tools such as Hammers, screw drivers, pliers, spanners etc.

  • Electric power tools such as: drills, impact driver, sanders, pillar driver, jigsaw

  • Work tables

  • Screws

  • Nails

  • Measuring equipment

  • Wood

  • Paint

  • Brushes

  • Paint sprayer

Gardening Club:

  • Compost

  • Gardening Tools

  • Garden accessories


  • Tinned goods

  • Toiletries - toothpaste, toothbrushes, deodorant, sanitary products

  • Drinks - Cartons, coffee, tea, soft drinks

  • Snacks - Crisps, chocolate, raisins.

  • Non-perishables

For the Arts and Craft Shed

  • Wool

  • Scrap material

  • Old curtains in good condition

  • Old cushion covers in good condition

  • Broken jewellery

  • Unwanted jewellery

  • Costume jewellery

  • Crochet hooks and knitting needles

  • Beads

  • Jewellery findings

  • Paper

  • Card

  • Colouring books

  • Colouring pencils, pens, crayons

  • String

  • Glitter

  • Bezels

  • Stringing Materials

  • Jewellery making tools

  • Brushes

  • Paint

  • Sewing machine

  • Sewing kits and needles

  • Cotton thread and embroidery thread

  • Ribbon

  • Artist paints

  • Pastels or charcoal

  • Easels

  • Watercolours

  • Brushes

  • Unused fishing line

  • Unused buttons

  • Artificial flowers or unused wreaths

  • Unused wallpaper


  • Small items of furniture in good condition such as nest of tables, side tables, bedside tables, jewellery boxes, small storage boxes, mirrors.

  • Decorative bottles and jars

  • Sand paper

  • Primer

  • Wood paint

  • Brushes

  • Furniture Wax

  • Wood glue

  • Ceramic or travertine tiles

  • Slate tiles

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